Split 7''

by Cold Days

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split 7'' with Sleepless // sleepless.bandcamp.com


released June 1, 2013

recording and mixing by Olivier Dufour at Red Noise Recording, Kingsey falls, Qc, during winter of 2012/2013





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Montreal, Qc, Canada

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Track Name: Night Terror
Watching me sleep while your're awake
I fall in my dreams as i only belong there
I put too much faith in my fears
Sooner or later i'll close my eyes
It feels like days as i forget time
It's a simple solution to my way out
I'm sick of everything i see that's why i close my eyes
forget my life as i write down the words that suit myself
Sometimes i can't stop feeling cold
And forget how life could be hard to hold on
Track Name: Blame Me
The anxiety of living is now the ache i wake up with
i wonder how long it will takes before i hang myself to be free
and every time i think that i forget i realize and need to admit
i'm the only one to blame and i feel ashamed

And now what i feel is the anger inside of me
that keeps me fighting every day am i the one to blame

The need of being everywhere but not here
turning my back on my fears
I'm not fine with myself how can i be with someone else